Summary on essay zero by paul logan

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Summary on essay zero by paul logan

I experienced sadness and failures. But one thing for sure, I always get up. This quote proves a lot of important points that have not yet been understood by many people. The point of failure is to make stepping stones for yourself to be able to accomplish you initiatives.

Learn to be independent and pick yourself up at the worst possible situations you may find yourself in.


Logan started in eight grade being a straight A student at the top of his class doing all that he was asked of, accomplishing his short term goals, as he had planned.

Later on he moved into a new regional high school were his transformation begun. He did as he was supposed to earn his good grades, but something clicked.

Instead of being congratulated by other students for his achievements he began to get bullied. His days at school for being a high achieved pupil were over. All of the words that others said to him, such as geek, nerd, and many more were just the beginning. Soon enough he felt like these words also brought physical problems.

He started to dress differently and treat others that were far worse than him. Logan found a job a job that helped him pay for supplies to fit in with his friends.

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He dropped form an A student to a C student in less than a year. All he wanted at the time was to be able to fit with the crowd.

After wasting much of his time with friends that were in some ways strangers to him, he had the slight chance to get accepted into a four year university. His first semester in college was a total fail. In high school he had always put other assets before education, such as, a job, car, and his girlfriend.

He skipped orientation and did whatever he pleased. Logan thought everything would be similar to high school. Logan was able to manage to find another job, he learned what education was all about, a better future. His friends whom he had fit in actually concentrated in college afterwards while he was still in the wrong footsteps.

The coincidence of running into them accidently helped him open his eyes and have a better understanding. It was a challenge, but with the effort he put into it he was able to accomplish it. As a result, Logan graduated with a 4. It took Logan sometime to actually understand why he should keep trying instead of just failing and staying at a certain place.

If you think your perspective of viewing things is different than others, you should stick to your method.

Besides if you make a mistake you will just have learned a lesson that can be well cherished than taken for granted.An Analysis of the Life Story of Paul Logan Zero PAGES 1.

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Paul Logan and I have concluded that education matters because we have more opportunities to obtain so we can have a better future.

Summary on essay zero by paul logan

In essay “Zero” by Paul Logan he says “They shoved and threatened me on the bus, teased me in the halls, and mocked me during lunchtime.

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"Zero" By Paul Logan Arguments Tone Sad Disappointment Self fulliment accomplishment Main Idea Low Wages Education is important Success Successful Life.

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