Russian finnish roundwood trade

Forests cannot meet the demand for wood products. Freitas, Creative Commons All signs indicate that we do not have enough forests on the globe to fulfill all the current and future demands in a broad sense on global forests. There may not be a physical shortage of forests, but the different kinds of demands will be difficult to meet simultaneously.

Russian finnish roundwood trade

April 18, Finnish roundwood demand and prices continues to grow Thanks to the positive economic situation and investments, roundwood use by the Finnish forest industry will break the 70 million cubic metre barrier for the first time since the recession. The use of imported roundwood will continue to decrease slightly this year and next.

The increasing use of wood in Finland has been hinted at the past few years by the increasing volume of domestic roundwood trade and removals, and its Russian finnish roundwood trade of growth is expected to slacken during the forecast period.

Russian finnish roundwood trade

The growing demand will be reflected in rising roundwood prices. The price of roundwood will also be pushed up next year by inflation. Roundwood use increase will be based on Finnish supply The strong growth of the global economy is reflected in roundwood demand, which will continue robustly in both the mechanical and chemical forest industries.

With use of imported roundwood declining, removals in Finland will continue to increase slightly, although at a lower rate than in previous years.

Trade in pinewood stands marked for cutting The upward turn of standing sales from private forests began in early The growth will continue this year and next but will slacken slightly. Roundwood trade was affected in early by winter harvesting conditions, with trade in private stands marked for summer cutting removed earlier than planned.

The increasing export of pine sawn goods, particularly to North Africa and China, will increase the demand for pinewood. Demand for spruce log stands continues strong, but there is hardly any room for growth.

The volume of trade in thinning stands will increase from that in the past few years. The overall growth in roundwood trade will level out at 2—4 percent this year, and the same figures will apply in Prices pushed up by demand and inflation The divergence in the weighted average stumpage price for spruce logs that began in early increased last year.

The increasing demand for pine will be reflected in prices this year, reducing the difference slightly. The price of spruce and birch logs will rise less steeply, 2—4 percent.

Increasing demand will push up the average price of pine pulpwood by 3—4 percent this year. The price of roundwood will be affected next year by growing inflation, which will raise nominal prices, with real growth remaining a couple percent. Gross stumpage earnings from private forests will increase thanks to slight increases in the volume of removals and a hike in price.

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Income from private forests will rise to 2.After a short review of the history and evolution of the Finnish – Russian roundwood trade, volumes and distribution of the assortments, this study focuses on the importance of the cross-cultural differences between Finnish and Russian roundwood trade.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Price dynamics in the Russian Finnish roundwood trade ANTTI MUTANEN & ANNE TOPPINEN Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Research Unit, Joensuu, Finland.

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Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute publishes preliminary research results and conference proceedings. The papers published in the series are not peer-reviewed. The papers are published in pdf format on the Internet. in the roundwood import trade and total wood procurement, such as own and cross price elastici- tion of roundwood prices in the Russian–Finnish roundwood trade (Mutanen and Toppinen ) and, and the diminishing need for roundwood by the Finnish forest industry, the share of roundwood.

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