Role of youth in country development

Definitions[ edit ] Community Capacity Development in Brazil where a local, Portuguese-speaking journalist was consulted in advance of the training, regarding the media landscape in Brazil Many organizations interpret community capacity building in their own ways and focus on it rather than promoting two-way development in developing nations.

Role of youth in country development

Throughout the years, several Kenyan non-governmental organizations NGOs and community based organizations CBOs have built valuable experience using sports as a tool to promote development and peace.

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All partners use sports and games as a means to stimulate community development in Kenya. While lobbying for the bill, KSDP used strategies such as a stakeholder analysis and mapping, mobilization of grass roots support and media campaigns.

By doing so, the power of Sport for Development is further recognized by the Kenyan government and opportunities have been created for financial support of Sport for Development organizations through public means. Youth leaders can grow into role models in the area of Sport for Development in Surinam.

From this position, they can, in the long run, support and strengthen their organizations and other local initiatives. In Surinam, young people have little opportunities to participate in sports and culture activities at community level.

Existing community organizations are confronted with low organizational capacity and static, undemocratic and strongly hierarchical structures. Active citizens respect human rights and diversity, participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives and care about the well-being of their communities.

As a coordinator, it has carefully selected and invited sixteen culture and sports organizations and over thirty youth leaders to participate in that programme. The strength of the programme is that the young people commit themselves to a long-term process that gives them the opportunity to work at themselves and their organizations.

Mutual learning Training weekends have formed the basis for the execution of the programme, giving the opportunity to the youth leaders to participate in a variety of training courses. The combination of sports and culture is appreciated by youth leaders from both sides, expressing that this is an incentive for mutual learning.

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The programme focuses on the mutual exchange of innovative knowledge and perspectives. In Sport Leaders International, the common challenge is to work towards a safe and secure neighbourhood by using sports as a tool. Agents of change from Kenya and the Netherlands have been brought together to exchange perspectives and methods.

Ina group of Dutch community sports leaders and sports teachers visited Kenya to participate in a training course about sports and peace or conflict resolution. Seeds of Peace Africa SOPAa Kenyan organization specialized in using sports as a tool for conflict resolution, facilitated the training of the Dutch participants.

Part of the training was a visit to a nomadic community in north east Kenya, where sport is used as an effective tool for conflict resolution.

Relevant tools Returning from the Kenya trip, the Dutch participants were not only inspired, but also obliged to organize a training course in the Netherlands for their Dutch colleagues.

A selection was made of the most interesting and relevant 'Kenyan' tools. The objective is to teach them as part of the curriculum of Dutch sports institutes and to use them at a community level within Dutch municipalities. The training course aimed at learning different tools for community mapping and conflict analysis, and discussing the different roles of a sports and community leader.

Jumping rope The project had its effect both on a personal and on an organizational level. For the participants who visited Kenya, it was a real eye-opener to see a whole village enjoying the power of sports with only a few frisbees, a football and a jumping rope.

Role of youth in country development

At an organizational level, the Dutch educational institutes included different conflict analysis tools in their curriculum and the participating Dutch municipalities started to implement different games and tools in their communities in the Netherlands. What is the potential of sports as a tool for development?

And how to benefit from that potential in the best possible way? Extensive knowledge For this assignment, Utrecht University drew both on research and the experience it has built up over the last 15 years when it comes to Sport for Development. In the past, it had already studied, for instance, how sports can attract target groups which are usually hard to reach.

This resulted in a well-received publication: Several national and international academic courses and universities of applied sciences have expressed their interest in adding the publication to their curriculum.

This model clearly shows how sports can contribute to development at the level of intermediate outcomes, such as the development of life skills, the increase in social interaction and mobilization, the establishment of relationships, the development of role models, the growth of self-confidence and the development of social awareness and the community.

The cross-border Peace and Sports programme resolves and prevents these sometimes lethal conflicts. It uses sports to involve pastoral youth in peace building.

Raiding cattle is firmly embedded in the cultures of the pastoral communities. The raiders are often young warriors, eager to prove their manliness and relatively sensitive to peer pressure.

ISA - International Sports Alliance The Youth Wellbeing Index returns, with a range of methodological changes — and cautious optimism Out from the wilderness and quietly released with little fanfare, the Youth Wellbeing Index YWIby the International Youth Foundation and Hilton, is back for its second edition.
Home | Youth Ministry Team Indian financial market Indian politics But the problem is that how these youth will joinWith ignorance they never join with each other or unite. An education is the primary ladder of all human developmentthe national youth policy focuses on out of schoolthe disabled youththe rural and tribal youththe frustrated and the unemployed youththe youth with special disabilities.
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Role of Youth In Indian Politics Girls and boys aged years, mainly from disadvantaged areas in South Africa.
CYSD – Centre for Youth and Social Development France[ edit ] In the youth unemployment rate in France was

Therefore, the Peace and Sports programme focuses on them. The programme was designed to peacefully bring together young warriors from different communities.

Regular inter-community and cross-border sports tournaments have turned out to be the ideal way to do just that.

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The objective is to create a safe environment for the boys, connecting sports activities with discussions in which the players analyse both the situation their communities live in and the causes of their conflict.

Armed with knowledge of both sports and conflict resolution, they encourage a safe, rule-bound type of competition and a peaceful dialogue between the warriors, thereby diminishing these young men's urge to interact aggressively and violently.

During the programme activities, the young warriors are made aware that sports is a good alternative for raiding cattle, as a pleasant way to relax, compete and improve their physical and mental skills.Using football as a tool Youth Development through Football (YDF) strives to overcome discrimination, improve health and combat disease, promote gender equality, fight violence and .

Pakistan has important strategic endowments and development potential. The increasing proportion of Pakistan’s youth provides the country with a potential demographic dividend and a challenge to provide adequate services and employment.

This essay will consider the role of youth in a. changing Indian society. The Role of Youth. In order to consider the role of youths in India it is helpful to first consider the overall situation in India as this provides the context in which. young people are growing up. There are two areas in particular to consider: the transition towards being a developed .

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Skills development for youth living with disabilities in four developing countries. 9 SECTION A 1. CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND & BRIEF LITERATURE REVIEW Background- IYDS concept and brief review of youth development policy and legislative framework of South Africa South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa that have developed and attempted to.

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