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List of Today programme guest editors Beginning infor over one week at the end of December, guest editors have been invited to commission items for one edition of the programme. These usually reflect their social or cultural interests and at the end of each edition the guest editor is interviewed by a member of the regular presenting team about the experience. Guest editors participating in the inaugural year of this feature were Monica AliThom YorkeStephen Hawkingand Norman Tebbitwho is a frequent critic of the programme. Since its inception, notable guest editors have included:

Radio 4 world business report

Creasing his lips, Taylor left the studio and returned four minutes later, "pale as death", as he had been ordered to interrupt "The War of the Worlds" broadcast immediately with an announcement of the program's fictional content.

However, by the time the order was given, the program was already less than a minute away from its first scheduled break, and the fictional news reporter played by actor Ray Collins was choking on poison gas as the Martians overwhelmed New York.

Soon, the room was full of policemen and a massive struggle was going on between the police, page boys, and CBS executives, who were trying to prevent the cops from busting in and stopping the show.

It was a show to witness. Houseman picked it up and the furious caller announced he was mayor of a Midwestern town, where mobs were in the streets. Houseman hung up quickly: The building was suddenly full of people and dark-blue uniforms.

Hustled out of the studio, we were locked into a small back office on another floor. Here we sat incommunicado while network radio 4 world business report were busily collecting, destroying, or locking up all scripts and records of the broadcast. Finally, the Press was let loose upon us, ravening for horror.

How many deaths had we heard of? Implying they knew of thousands. What did we know of the fatal stampede in a Jersey hall? Implying it was one of many.

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The ditches must be choked with corpses. Haven't you heard about the one on Riverside Drive? It is all quite vague in my memory and quite terrible. The telephone switchboard, a vast sea of light, could handle only a fraction of incoming calls.

The haggard Welles sat alone and despondent. I was too busy writing explanations to put on the air, reassuring the audience that it was safe. I also answered my share of incessant telephone calls, many of them from as far away as the Pacific Coast.

Aware of the sensation the broadcast had made, but not its extent, Welles went to the Mercury Theatre where an all-night rehearsal of Danton's Death was in progress. Shortly after midnight, one of the cast, a late arrival, told Welles that news about "The War of the Worlds" was being flashed in Times Square.

They immediately left the theatre, and standing on the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street, they read the lighted bulletin that circled the New York Times building: Many newspapers assumed that the large number of phone calls and the scattered reports of listeners rushing about or even fleeing their homes proved the existence of a mass panic, but such behavior was never widespread.

As panicked listeners called the studio, Paar attempted to calm them on the phone and on air by saying: When have I ever lied to you?

Oblivious to the situation, the manager advised Paar to calm down and said that it was "all a tempest in a teapot ". Residents were unable to call neighbors, family, or friends to calm their fears.

Reporters who heard of the coincidental blackout sent the story over the newswireand soon, Concrete was known worldwide.

radio 4 world business report

He was operating on three hours of sleep when CBS called him to a press conference. He read a statement that was later printed in newspapers nationwide and took questions from reporters: Were you aware of the terror such a broadcast would stir up? The technique I used was not original with me.

It was not even new. I anticipated nothing unusual. Should you have toned down the language of the drama? No, you don't play murder in soft words. Why was the story changed to put in names of American cities and government officers? Wells used real cities in Europe, and to make the play more acceptable to American listeners we used real cities in America.

Of course, I'm terribly sorry now.

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At the time, many Americans assumed that a significant number of Chase and Sanborn listeners changed stations when the first comic sketch ended and a musical number by Nelson Eddy began and then tuned in "The War of the Worlds" after the opening announcements, but historian A.

Brad Schwartz, after studying hundreds of letters from people who heard "The War of the Worlds", as well as contemporary audience surveys, concluded that very few people frightened by Welles's broadcast had tuned out Bergen's program.A new study published today by the head of New York University’s Steinhart Music Business Program casts a sobering outlook on the future of terrestrial radio.

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Listen to World Business Report internet radio online for free on All radio streams and radio stations at one glance. Discover online now. "The War of the Worlds" is an episode of the American radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre on the Air directed and narrated by actor and future filmmaker Orson Welles as an adaptation of H.


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