Originality in research papers

What Does Originality Mean?

Originality in research papers

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Originality guidelines

Our goal is to present research findings to end users in the most useful way. The JMLA is in the middle part, transferring and translating to the user.

We, the JMLA, must obtain the information and knowledge from researchers and then work with them to present it in the most useable form. That means the information must be in a standard acceptable format and be easily readable.

There is a standard, preferred way to write an original research paper. IMRAD has dominated academic, scientific, and public health journals since the second half of the twentieth century.

The IMRAD structure helps to eliminate unnecessary detail and allows relevant information to be presented clearly in a logical sequence [ 23 ]. Introduction The Introduction sets the stage for your presentation. It has three parts: Keep this section short, and write for a general audience clear, concise, and as nontechnical as you can be.

How would you explain to a distant colleague why and how you did the study? Take your readers through the three steps ending with your specific question. Emphasize how your study fills in the gaps the unknownand explicitly state your research question.

Do not answer the research question. Remember to leave details, descriptions, speculations, and criticisms of other studies for the Discussion. Methods The Methods section gives a clear overview of what you did. Give enough information that your readers can evaluate the persuasiveness of your study.

Describe the steps you took, as in a recipe, but be wary of too much detail. If you are doing qualitative research, explain how you picked your subjects to be representative.

Originality in research papers

You may want to break it into smaller sections with subheadings, for example, context: Cite a reference for commonly used methods or previously used methods rather than explaining all the details. Flow diagrams and tables can simplify explanations of methods. You may use first person voice when describing your methods.

Results The Results section summarizes what the data show. Point out relationships, and describe trends. Avoid simply repeating the numbers that are already available in the tables and figures.

Data should be restricted to tables as much as possible. Be the friendly narrator, and summarize the tables; do not write the data again in the text. There was no significant difference between groups Table.

Complement the information that is already in the tables and figures. And remember to repeat and highlight in the text only the most important numbers.

Use the active voice in the Results section, and make it lively. Information about what you did belongs in the Methods section, not here. And reserve comments on the meaning of your results for the Discussion section.

Other tips to help you with the Results section: Ask your statistician if you are not sure. Discussion The Discussion section gives you the most freedom.

Most authors begin with a brief reiteration of what they did. Every author should restate the key findings and answer the question noted in the Introduction. Focus on what your data prove, not what you hoped they would prove. This is where that literature review you did comes in handy.

Discuss how your findings support or challenge other studies. You do not need every article from your literature review listed in your paper or reference list, unless you are writing a narrative review or systematic review.An original research paper is the one based on original research that produces new knowledge instead of summarizing what is already known in a new form.

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At a glance, the requirement to write an original term paper or research paper sounds strange a little. What can originality mean when it comes to making a research project? Originality guidelines It is Emerald's editorial policy to welcome submissions for consideration which are original and not under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

All authors should be aware of the importance of presenting content that is based on their own research and expressed in . View Originality in art Research Papers on plombier-nemours.com for free. At a glance, the requirement to write an original term paper or research paper sounds strange a little.

What can originality mean when it comes to making a research project?

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