Legalizing abortion in thailand

A sign in front of a clinic operated by the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand in northern Bangkok.

Legalizing abortion in thailand

Abortion when legalized in Thailand will protect women especially the women for they will no longer resort to dangerous illegal abortion. The adversaries of abortion on the other hand stresses that legalizing abortion in Thailand runs counter to teachings of Buddhism. Ireland's Historic Vote On Legalizing Abortion Is Haunted By Trump And Brexit But we’re certainly encouraging our friends in the Irish Republic to vote wisely.” Offline, even three weeks before the vote, the referendum had a physical presence in Dublin. Legalizing abortion can either increase or decrease investments in children's human capital, This article finds that abortion increases the number of out-of-wedlock births.

BANGKOK — Though abortion remains nominally illegal, aboutwomen end their pregnancies each year through safe and unsafe channels, killing dozens and leaving tens of thousands suffering complications.

On the eve of an international reproductive rights day, proponents of access to safe abortion in Thailand point out that while progress has been made, barriers remain in the form of restrictive laws and socially conservative attitudes. Women can also terminate their pregnancy if the fetus is found to have serious disabilities or genetic disorders.

Women ending their pregnancies without satisfying one of these requirements face three years in jail and a 6,baht fine. Those performing the abortion can be jailed five years and fined up to 14, baht. In cases resulting in serious injury or death, the maximum penalty is 10 years in jail and a 20,baht fine.

Calls to legalize abortion in Thailand mainly run up against social and religious values. Kritaya said the law cannot prevent people from having abortions, but social stigmas are forcing them to turn to unsafe methods that can be fatal. Inthe National Health Security Office reported about 25 to 30 women die annually from unsafe abortions, while about 30, suffer serious complications.

The medical cost to society is over million baht per year, according to the Health Department. The latest data however indicates that the ratio of abortions performed by qualified medical personnel are increasing, from The number of unsafe abortions, whether self-administered or by unqualified practitioners, is decreasing.

Legalizing abortion in thailand

Although public discussion of abortion in Thailand has been focused mainly on teenagers and the high rate of teen pregnancy, official statistics suggest teens are becoming less likely to seek abortions than older women. The data from the health ministry found that nearly two out of three women obtaining abortions did so due to financial reasons rather than health problems.

Somwong cited a case in which a year-old woman with a stable family life got pregnant unintentionally and had an abortion because her husband was set to retire soon.Chile is set to allow abortions in some circumstances, ending a blanket ban that had been in place since the Augusto Pinochet regime Chile's Congress Votes to Lift a Blanket Ban on Abortion Subscribe.

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Abortion in Bangkok | femaleinfo This, in a country where already one woman dies from a clandestine abortion procedure every nine minutes. Through a variety of proposed bills and amendments, they may eliminate the right to abortion completely.

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The baby is not autonomous here. Saying that makes the unborn baby no more than an extra organ in the body, which it is not. No a woman’s body is not her own when it is nurturing an unborn baby.

According to the Thai law (in effect since ), abortions are illegal in Thailand, except for the girls under the age of 15 or with a serious illness, and when the pregnancy threatens the woman’s health or results from rape, incest or sex trafficking.

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Legalizing abortion in thailand
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