Karachi stock index

Following this year by the month of June KSE was known to be stretching towards new heights as it achieved all time high of 38, points by then but as the year proceeded after the decision of Britain to leave EU KSE went down by 1, points that is 3. During the last week KSE lost points. The confidence of the foreign as well as domestic investors has been noticed to be dwindling in the stock market. Stock market started the week positively as the Karachi stock exchange index rose by points on first day of the week.

Karachi stock index

The aggregate market value is divided by the base value and multiplied by to arrive at the current index number. Maintaining adequate representation of the under-lying stock market through all of its future development and changes is dependent upon the establishment of an appropriate recomposition process.

Recomposition rules fall into two general categories: Sector rules and market capitalisation rules. Two rules are recommended to undertake selection in this area-one, a time based rule and the other a value-based rule.

Application can be triggered by compliance with either rule. A company not in the index which becomes the largest in its sector by any amount of value will enter the index after maintaining its position as largest in the sector for two consecutive recomposition periods i.

Only one rule applies here-time based rule. A company not in the index may qualify for entry if it exceeds the market cap value of the last stock in the index selected on the basis of market cap for two recomposition periods i.

A qualifying company automatically pushes out the lowest cap selected stock in the index. This is to allow for a minimum announcement period of two weeks, commencing the day following the recomposition meeting, when the results of the meeting are made public, at the end of the last trading day of the month, when changes are implemented into the index.

Overseeing implementation of the index rules at the semi-annual recomposition sessions. Reviewing the index rules and altering them as necessary.

Karachi stock index

It is important to understand that all divisor adjustment are made after the close of trading. The Revised Market Capitalization calculated after the end of closing of trading session of Day 2 by using closing prices of the same day.

The key to making this adjustment, as with any divisor adjustment, is that the index value is temporarily 'frozen' at the close of trading, while the divisor is adjusted for the increase or decrease in market value of the numerator in the formula.PSX-KMI All Shares Index: (%) 99,, READY: State.

Karachi stock index

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