Jeronimus cornelisz essay

After the wreck, the commander, Francisco Pelsaert, took the long boat and sailed for help, leaving a junior officer, Jeronimus Cornelisz, in command. Most fictional accounts of the wreck concentrate on the violence and cruelty of the crew, under Cornelisz, towards the marooned passengers. Over men, women and children were killed before Pelsaert returned to rescue them.

Jeronimus cornelisz essay

Jeronimus Cornelisz and other Batavia mutineers October 2nd, dogboy It was 2 OctDutchman Jeronimus Cornelisz was noosed along with 15 other men by the Dutch East Indies Company for a reign of terror that included mutiny and murder off the coast of Australia.

Cornelisz was not such an assuming character when he boarded the vessel Batavia in He reprinted an interview largely about this book here.

All that is enough to send a man to Indonesia, apparently. Though Cornelisz was not a successful businessman, he was an energetic protagonist from his own station in life and could, eventually, win over any suggestible person with his intelligence and wit.

As night follows day, the next thoughts turned to mutiny. » Jeronimus Cornelisz and other Batavia mutineers

All the plot needed was a kickstart to turn enough people against the commander. A group of hooded mutineers assaults the mostly widely lusted-after woman among the socialite passengers, Lucretia Creesje Jans; once the assault is reported, the commander must respond; but if the assailants are well-hidden, he must make an example arbitrarily, which pushes his men towards mutiny.

The captain punished nobody for the assault, as Creesje could not identify the assailants. The shipboard mutiny withered on the vine.

In the midst of those days of planned insurrection, the Batavia hit a slightly larger speed bump.

Jeronimus cornelisz essay

On June 4, the vessel ran aground on Morning Reef. There were few casualties from the initial crash, and the remainder escaped in groups, crammed onto small coral islands in the remote but plausibly survivable Houtman Abrolhos chain off the west coast of Australia.

Off went the captain with 47 crew and passengers in a longboat, leaving more than behind to fend for themselves on the isles. Two months later, Pelsaert found himself in the colonial city Batavia today, the Indonesian capital Jakarta appealing to the local authorities at the Dutch East Indies Company for a ship to rescue his stranded crew and passengers.

He was quickly given the Sardam — another vessel in his fleet — with a skeleton crew to pick up the passengers oh, and all that silver.

Cornelisz, as under-merchant, had technical rank in the emergency, and he had taken over the situation at the islands when the commander left.

The refugee pharmacist reveled in the power, certainly amplified by the dozen chests of treasure the Batavia carried. This is the stuff of rum wishes and buccaneer dreams. And Lord of the Flies nightmares. This journey, Cornelisz was convinced, would be fruitless, so any possible power rivals he could find went off.

As well, Cornelisz shipped a larger group to Long Island to get more space. And then began the killing. Detail view click for the full image of a engraving of the carnage on Beacon Island. Some 20 mutineers formed a tight inner circle with fantasies of having their way on the island until the rescue boat could be commandeered for piracy.

The purpose of the killings was simply to knock the number of residents down closer to 40 or 45 so that the mutineers would be overwhelmingly dominant when the rescue boat came.

Jeronimus cornelisz essay

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Strange Objects is a novel by Australian author Gary Crew. Story outline. Strange Objects is set in and around Geraldton in Western Australia and The man who took charge was Jeronimus Cornelisz. Heretic and psychopath, he instantly rallied up a council and took charge.

To maximize his control over the survivors, he left groups of. Jeronimus Cornelisz (Q) From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Frisian apothecary and merchant.

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edit. Language Label Description Also known as; English: Jeronimus Cornelisz. Frisian apothecary and merchant. Statements. instance of. human. 1 reference.

imported from Wikimedia project. English Wikipedia. sex or gender. male. Jeronimus Cornelisz was left in charge of the survivors. He made plans to hijack any rescue ship that might return and use the vessel to seek another safe haven.

Cornelisz even made far-fetched plans to start a new kingdom, using the gold and silver from the wrecked Batavia.

Jeronimus Cornelisz ( – October 2, ) (properly Corneliszoon, "son of Cornelis"; first name informally being "Jeroen") was a Frisian apothecary and Dutch East India Company (VOC) plombier-nemours.comtion: Apothecary. Jeronimus Cornelisz ( – October 2, ) (properly Corneliszoon, "son of Cornelis"; first name informally being "Jeroen") was a Frisian apothecary and Dutch East India Company (VOC) , Leeuwarden, Dutch Republic.

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