How can ebay segment its market

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How can ebay segment its market

Ina Steiner Sponsored Link eBay is giving a lot of thought to who exactly is its target customer. With such a broad marketplace and offering so many formats auction, fixed-price, classifieds and conditions new and usedit may seem to some like an odd question.

How can ebay segment its market

The largest retailers in the world all have pretty clear articulation of who their target consumer is. And eBay has a very clear target consumer who forms the bulk of our customer base and frankly is a large part of the market.

And so, I think you're going to see a more focused eBay. And I think it's going to be a more special eBay, frankly anything a large retailer or a large commerce provider has to do.

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So I think there are some creative ways of addressing that. I was also reminded what Donahoe said last year about eBay's search innovations: If eBay is focused on what it thinks is its target customer, does that mean used, hard-to-find, collectibles, auctions, and non-commodity goods could suffer as a result?

What do you think Donahoe means when he says eBay will align with its target consumer, and what will this mean for you as a seller?Hence, the main issue facing eBay is: how eBay can successfully break into the attractive Asian market, despite strong local competition and lack of market share.

Focus of the Case The focus of the case is on the international strategies implemented by eBay with regards to its operations of its .

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Market segmentation splits up a market into different types (segments) to enable a business to better target its products to the relevant customers. By marketing products that appeal to customers at different stages of their life ("life-cycle"), a business can retain customers who might otherwise.

A market segmentation theory is a modern theory that tries to explain the relation of yield of a debt instrument with its maturity period. This theory brings together potential buyers into segments with common needs, that will respond to a marketing action. Ebay began its business life as AuctionWeb and emphasized collectables.

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Originally the company was meant to be a marketplace for the sale of goods and services for individuals. The company’s founder was a computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. Its co-founder was Jeff Skoll. eBay operates by using consumer to consumer model.

eBay’s business model became successful as it gained major market share of the industry.


The market share has grown from 58% () to 64% (). This percentage indicates that eBay is the market leader, because 64% seems to be a higher market .

Ebay provides online platforms, tools, and services to help individuals and merchants with online and mobile commerce in the U.S. and around the world.

How can ebay segment its market

Its marketplaces segment operates e-commerce.

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