Everlasting memories of a time long

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Everlasting memories of a time long

Shop Memories and the People who Helped Form Them Spurred by the writing of my next book about my years on the road, I find myself wandering the halls of memory reminiscing about my last decade of travel.

I dig through old photos and journal entries. I search Facebook for people I met years ago. Stories and faces long forgotten zoom back into my mind as I wonder where they are and what they are doing.

Those whose lives briefly intersected with my own on the highway of life. The five backpackers who inspired my original trip. The girl from that hostel in Prague who welcomed me into her friend group when I was too afraid to say hello.

Everlasting memories of a time long

The Dutch guys I spent weeks traveling with in Australia. The motley crew I spent a month with in New Zealand. My friends from when I lived in Bangkok. The folks I picked up on my road trip across the states.

My first Couchsurfing host. Or this group of crazy cats I spent a month in paradise with: We were the best of friends, partners in crime, and sometime lovers.

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What happened to the folks I hitched with in Iceland? Where are all these people now? Where are the Spaniards from Valencia who I partied with in Florence? What happened to Lennart, the guy I played poker with in Amsterdam? Does Jen, a German girl and my first relationship on the road, still live in Australia?

Everlasting memories of a time long

Where is that American couple from Bocas del Toro whose information I forgot to write down? Where are those people I met in Thailand that inspired me to quit my job?

Those folks I live with at that hostel in Taiwan with? I met these folks in Thailand and visited them in Bordeaux. I remember this perfect day — a journey to beach, sunset on this sand dune, and a wine and cheese dinner.

But where are they now? Where are the countless others I spent days, hours, and minutes with in hostels around the world? The ones who wandered unfamiliar streets, partied into the night, broke bread and laughed with me?

What are they doing? Do they still travel? Did they make it all the way around the world like they hoped? Do they like their jobs?

The Wartime Memories Project is the original WW1 and WW2 commemoration website.

Are they even alive? And do they have similar thoughts? Do they think about the people they met? Do they come across a photo on Facebook, sit back, and get lost in memory? These guys made me realize I worked too much when I traveled….Find out about upcoming events at the Everlasting Memories In Time in Long Island.

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Everlasting - definition of everlasting by The Free Dictionary