Essay national service malaysia

Are you interested to go to National Service training program? How did you enter to NS?

Essay national service malaysia

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One of the most beautiful states of Southeast Asia, many-faced Malaysia gives an inquisitive traveler much more than a relaxed holiday in a tropical paradise.

Malaysia is a real melting pot of Asian cultures, whimsically mixed in the territory of one state. Malaysia is a country of beautiful tropical paradise, where travelers are immersed in a whole kaleidoscope of Asian cultures, concentrated in the territory of one state.

It is in this country that the archaic culture, exoticism, and unique color were intertwined in a harmonious symbiosis. In Malaysia, a lot of amazing, which attracts countless tourists from around the world.

Here, in an amazing way, modernity is combined with authenticity.

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Only after visiting this country, you understand how unusual it is and its holiday destinations. Malaysia can charm anyone. Moreover, everyone can find what he likes to take from a holiday in Southeast Asia. As in most Asian countries, there is very rich tropical vegetation, which is famous for exotic fruits, as well as an abundance of architectural monuments, many of which are very ancient.

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You can get the Holiday destination in Malaysia example of the essay to get the full information. Malaysia is famous not only for Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi. Since Malaysia is still highlands with tea plantations Cameron Highlands, this impenetrable jungle Borneo with a unique plant and animal world, the city of entertainment Genting Highlands, this amazingly picturesque state of Perlis, is one of the best diving sites on Sipadan Island, many national parks with waterfalls and caves and much more.

Essay national service malaysia

Original architecture, familiarity with tropical flora and fauna, fascinating shopping, unusual, but delicious national cuisine will give unforgettable moments that will remain with everyone forever! There are many interesting and beautiful holiday destinations in this country. Among all of the places, there are three main popular holiday destinations.

It is known far and wide for its beauty. It is full with green trees and colorful wild flowers which is very suitable for a nature lovers. It is also situated in Pahang. It has a cool climate temperature, lushly greens and well-preserved colonial buildings.


There are many great places in Cameron Highland.Keywords: ethnicity in malaysia, cultural diversity malaysia, ethnic relations malaysia. National Service (NS) National Service (NS), first implemented in , is specialized in mandatory training for three months in camp and boarding for teenagers Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

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30 . National Service in Malaysia Essay INVESTIGATIVE ON MALAYSIA’S NATIONAL SERVICE. 1. Are you interested to go to National Service training program?

Essay national service malaysia

a) Of course b) Never c) Considered 2. How did you enter to NS? a) Randomly chosen by Government b) Volunteer 3. INVESTIGATIVE ON MALAYSIA’S NATIONAL SERVICE. 1. Are you interested to go to National Service training program?

a) Of course b) Never c) Considered 2. The National Service programme is a new programme that created for group of teenagers who already completed their school after Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia also known as SPM’s examination. The National Service also is not a military conscription programme but it is a government programme that allows teenagers to have a knowledgeable experience.

The National Service Training Programme, or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN), known locally as the Khidmat Negara ("National Service") was Malaysia's national service program under the Barisan Nasional government.

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