Elements of religion essay

Historiography[ edit ] Academic historians who specialize on the life and thought of Hitler have concluded he was irreligious and anti-Christian. Following his early military successes, Hitler "abandoned himself entirely to megalomania " and the "sin of hybris ", an exaggerated self-pride, believing himself to be more than a man.

Elements of religion essay

Every religion has certain elements. Some of the elements are mentioned below: Belief in Supernatural Powers: Every religion believes in the existence of some supernatural powers or forces. Some consider this supernatural power as formless. They believe that this unseen power influences every aspect of human life.

Belief in the supernatural powers varies from one religion to another. Hindus believe in the existence of number of gods and goddess.

They are called polytheists. Some people believe is only one god. They are called monotheists.

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Belief in the holy or sacred: In every religion there are certain things which are regarded as holy and sacred. They constitute the heart of religion. The concept of holy and sacred is a mental construct. They all are not visible. They symbolies both the unseen and tangible things.

It is a belief based on faith rather than evidence. For example, in Hindu religion cow is sacred because of the faith of the Hindus. Rituals are the practical side of religion.

They are the behavior performed by the individual or a group of individuals with reference to supernatural power. It includes varieties of behavior such as wearing of special types of cloth, reciting prayers, hymns, taking birth in holy rivers, singing, dancing, crawling, fasting etc.

Thus the area covered by religious ritual is very wide. It may be performed by a single individual or group of individuals. They sometimes manifest in the form of ceremony or festival.

Elements of religion essay

A Hindu may perform some rites alone or take part in kirtan or Bhajanas. A Muslim may do Namaz alone or with the collectivity in a Mosque. A Christian may offer a flower to Jesus Christ or seats for prayer in the church etc. AH these rituals either performed individually or collectively are intended to strengthened individual's faith in the supernatural power.

Every religion defines certain acts as sacred or righteous and other acts as profane and sinful. The follower of the religion encourages sacred acts and insists to avoid indulging in sinful activities. Acting in accordance with the religious principles is believed to reap good results while sinful acts result suffering or disaster.

Most of the religions conceptualize heaven and hell due to this belief. The method of salvation:The elements are a belief system, community, central myths, ritual, ethics, characteristic emotional experiences, material expression, and sacredness.

These elements help shape religions and the people who believe in them. In this paper I discuss how these elements are similar or how they differ in each of a few of indigenous religions. Free Essay: Elements of Religious Traditions Margaret Chandler REL/ World Religious Traditions I University of Phoenix May 16, Elements of Religious.

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