An argument in favor of the independent palestinian state

German Palestinian leaders have repeatedly shown that their priority is not peace, or a two-state solution, or a Palestinian state, but repression.

An argument in favor of the independent palestinian state

Search Toggle display of website navigation Argument: September 13,3: The United States, meanwhile, has sought to maintain the fiction that it is an honest broker and neutral mediator.

As offensive as the pro-Israel mantras emanating from the White House may be for Palestinians, it is a clarifying moment. They tried armed resistance, which got them exiled from Arab states, paving the way for the Oslo Accords; they tried unarmed resistance, which got them media coverage but also jail time; they tried neoliberal economics, which got them aid money and nice cafes in Ramallah; and they tried diplomacy, joining international organizations and United Nations bodies as a state, which got them threats from Israel and the United States.

Washington has long brokered peace negotiations under the flawed premise of two equal sides vying for the same piece of land. When President Donald Trump came to power, many Palestinian officials viewed him with guarded eagerness, holding out hope that his unpredictable shoot-from-the-hip style could translate into a win for them.

They could not have been more wrong. When rumors began emerging that Trump actually did plan on moving the U. Embassy somewhere in East Jerusalem. But there was no twin embassy opened. Just 60 miles away, in the Gaza Strip, protests erupted over the move, where 58 unarmed demonstrators were killed and over 2, others were injured by the Israeli army.

The only hurdle they have faced is finding a way to bully the Palestinians into acceptance.

(Updated March 2017)

The White House has made clear that it is willing to weaponize aid, and U. Palestinian officials are aghast.

An argument in favor of the independent palestinian state

But ask the average Palestinian what they think and it might surprise you: Yes, the closure of the PLO office is a slap in the face. But this is not an aberration in U. After all, the existence of the policies Trump has scrapped depended on waivers that were signed by previous administrations.

All Trump had to do was refrain from signing them. Israel has already carved out its borders through the and wars. The so-called peace process has empowered the worst and most corrupt actors in Palestinian society.

Freedom Isn't Free

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made sure of it. In recent weeks, as the world looked elsewhere, he took a series of steps to tighten his grip on Palestinian governmental bodies. He has ensured the ouster of his few remaining critics within the PLO Executive Committee by approving a new structure with compliant members.

In addition to controlling the executive branch he is head of the PLO Executive Committee and the ruling Fatah party, as well as president of the Palestinian Authorityhe has also undermined an independent judiciary, creating a Constitutional Court that can revoke the immunity of parliament members, effectively silencing critics.Arguments for Palestinian State Introduction The dispute between Israel and Palestine has a long history.

There is recognition under International Law that the people of Palestine have the right to determine themselves. Therefore, Palestinians have an unquestionable right to determine their destiny on their own pertaining to an .

For the Court, Israel is the occupying power by the force of the territory of Palestine: any occupation or control of a territory, which results from the use of power, threat or force, is not legal.

Arguments for Palestine State The issue is now before the United Nations. Dec 29,  · The two-state solution would establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel — two states for two peoples.

In theory, this would . Apr 13,  · And even if Palestine was not an independent country, but a province of another country before WWI, the whole world is made up of provinces of other countries.

Scotland is part of the UK.

An argument in favor of the independent palestinian state

what are some Pro Palestine Arguments in the Arab Israeli conflict? Palestine can also refer to the Proposed Palestinian Resolved. I shall mention their views while developing five decisive arguments against a Palestinian state: Economic, Demographic, Political, Strategic, and Democratic.

Let’s begin. 1. Economic Arguments. A RAND study indicates that a Palestinian state would not be economically viable. General statements in favor of a one-state solution Edward Said, a famous Palestinian writer and activist, advocated for a one-state solution, arguing: "Two people in .

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