A moment of drinking alcohol to loosen me up

For those of you that know me well, or have tracked my patterns, you recognize that I have a personal policy when it comes to using social media. Posts that hopefully many years from now, myself and my kids can revisit for key memories.

A moment of drinking alcohol to loosen me up

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Realize lots of people aren't into drinking

Boy, that seems like a lot of pluses! Well, the reality is that alcohol is a big part of my social fabric, as it is for many of us in Western society.

A moment of drinking alcohol to loosen me up

I look forward to unwinding at home with a cocktail, enjoy beers with friends after a long run, often fine dine for work, and celebrate every holiday with wines and champagnes alongside my extended family. Nearly always in moderation, but still, regular occasions to lift a glass abound.

Whoa…kind of freaky when you think about it that way. Such a streak begs the obvious and deeper question…do I have a dependency on alcohol? I guess I am somewhere on the spectrum. I promise, we will get back to the question of alcohol and running performance, and what happened when I took 40 days off.

Here are some highlights on how it breaks down — see if you can find yourself in here: Who are these people?!?

A moment of drinking alcohol to loosen me up

I know a few, but two out of three adults is huge. It turns out there are lots of them, for reasons of personal preference, religion, and more. This is likely an occasional drinker, such as someone who consumes once on the weekend or when they are out a concert, game, or dining out.

Consider the size of your pour as well…a tall glass of wine or pint of beer is actually two servings. So you might be closer than you think. To make you feel better, take a look at the top decile, because they come in at For things like caffeine, cannabis, or religious studies, the curve is flatter ie, not as many superusersbut these can still be a dominant pursuit.

The human brain likes its dopamine fix, and when it finds easy access, you think about it every seconds. Spin harder, I mean. Not for any specific purpose or amount of time, but just to see what happens, and a secret hope my athletic performance would get a boost.

It only took a few days for my sugar cravings to go through the roof, part of a persistent increased hunger that was particularly challenging in the evenings. Soon I turned to decaf tea, but it took some effort to not snack all the time. In my social world, I found most people thought it was great I was taking a break, but a few suspected hoped?

My sleep improved dramatically, although in a weird way. Normally I feel groggy on my way to bed, and wake up once in the night around 2am usually blaming Ace, the pug who sleeps at my side.

Now my brain was more active at bedtime, but suddenly my eyes would close and I would wake up hours later. Another odd effect was that my poop was amazing. I had thought my somewhat loose morning routine was due to coffee, but apparently alcohol was contributing.

Thanks to the improved sleep, I felt like I was recovering better from harder workouts. It was interesting to me that it took three weeks for this to kick in. On the social side of things, everyone now wanted to meet for coffee instead of beers…one vice replacing another!

I stayed with the nightly tea, and the sugar cravings pretty much disappeared.

Recovery Journal

My friends and family were getting used to me not drinking, and all the awkwardness that started with this little experiment pretty much ended. Meditation and focus came more easily, which was nice. On Thanksgiving, I was handed a glass of champagne while toasting and giving thanks for everything that had happened this year.

It was a very special year, and I have a lot to be grateful for.One of the most well known effects of alcohol and other recreational drugs are to loosen inhibitions, and if a specific inhibition is having sex with someone, that other person can use alcohol or other drugs just for that; the other person could also be drinking or doing drugs so that he or she will be less self-conscious about having sex..

Anyway, this trope is fairly common in fiction, but. The partying got more intense and the drinking became a part of my everyday life. I drank to get drunk, to loosen up, to forget, to let go. In that moment, I realized alcohol would need to be cut from my life if I wanted to achieve the things I wanted to achieve.


They were hanging out day drinking at a bar. I knew I didn't want to drink. But drinking was quicker — and still, today, it’s the fastest way for me to get nowhere at all.

I buy a mouse mat because, absurdly, it reminds me so much of alcohol. Drug Rehab Facilities In Arizona! Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs. Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers. Call Now! PPO Insurance Accepted · 24/7 Helpline! We’re often encouraged to have a few drinks to loosen up and overcome anxiety.

Whether it’s to help us get in the mood at a party, or pluck up the courage to talk to that guy or girl, the message we often hear is: alcohol will help. When I first quit drinking, the idea of socialising sober seemed unthinkable!

She used alcohol to loosen up for the first few dates. After she became comfortable around me, she told me that she thought it was refreshing that I don’t drink. She then stopped drinking around me – not for my sake, but for her own.

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